Protect your roof from the sun

How to protect your roof from heat

It is heating up in Houston, Texas and here we will tell you how to protect your roof from heat. In Houston, the summer are hot and oppressive and the hot season lasts 3.6 months from June 1st to September 21st. The hottest day of the year is August 5th, with an average high of 95 degrees and humidity of 97%!

It is important to protect your roof from heat.

How to reduce heat from your roof

1. Insulate your attic.

Proper attic insulation goes a long way toward preserving your comfort; it’s not just for keeping heat in during the winter, it can also ward heat off during the summer. Whether blown in or installed in rolls, it can make a huge difference in your savings and the temperature in your home.

2. Sealing and coating the roof to protect against harmful UV rays that can cause damage

Sealing and coating the roof preserves the material, creating a durable environment that can withstand the heat for longer periods of time. The type of sealant you choose depends on the material that the roof is comprised of, but most of the time, we recommend using an asphalt based sealant.

3. Installing vapor barriers that decrease moisture

Installing vapor barriers is another necessary step in protecting the quality of your roof. The vapor barriers keep the moisture at a minimum by cooling the surface area, therefore, decreasing condensation.

4. Apply periodic acrylic coatings to sustain your roof from thermal shock

As professional roofing contractors, we urge the application of periodic coats of acrylic that will protect your roof from thermal shock, which is one of the biggest problems encountered in roofing today.

5. Get a contractor to cover your roof with polyurethane foam if it’s sloped.

To waterproof your roof while protecting it from the sun, hire a contractor to install a polyurethane foam on top of your roofing material. The contractors will clean your roof and use an aerosol spray to seal your roof in polyurethane foam. As the foam settles, it will adhere to the roof’s material and keep water and heat out. If properly installed, polyurethane foam will last for 50 years.

  • It is illegal to install a polyurethane foam roofing membrane if you aren’t a licensed contractor. You must hire someone to install it for you.
  • Polyurethane foam coatings cost $4-7 per square foot ($13-22 per square meter).

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