In this article we will tell you how to inspect your roof and when you should call a professional. First things first, we do not recommend you walk on your roof, as that is dangerous. From the safety of the ground or through a window, perform a visual inspection of the roof with binoculars. Remember: A roof is designed to age over time. Even a one-year-old roof will look different… Read More »HOW TO INSPECT YOUR ROOF

What should I look for in an estimate for roof repair?

When it comes to roof repairs or replacement, it is important to know you made the right choice when choosing your roofing contractor. Most roofing companies are happy to offer a free roof inspection to give you an accurate quote. Houston Reality Roofing is certainly able to do so and we are an honest and ethical company. In this article we will explain what to look out for and what… Read More »What should I look for in an estimate for roof repair?

Roofing drip edge installation

Roofing Drip Edge

What is a drip edge? Roofing Drip edge is metal flashing installed on the edge of the roof to keep water away from your fascia and from getting underneath your roofing components. Without a drip edge, water may end up beneath the shingles and may cause damage to various parts of the home. Did you know, drip edges are now required by most building codes across North America to protect homes from damage?… Read More »Roofing Drip Edge

Roof replacement cost

Roof Replacement Cost

Roof replacement cost varies by the type of roof, geographic location, size of the roof, roofing material, and even the ease of accessing the roof. According to the average roof replacement cost runs from $11,209 to $17,060. Average Roof Replacement Cost The following are figures for the average cost of roof replacement: Asphalt: $700-$3,700 (for materials only) Slate: $17,000-$84,000 Wood shingles or shake: $7,000-$20,000 Concrete tile: $8,000-$21,000 Ceramic clay… Read More »Roof Replacement Cost

What is the lifespan of my roof?

What is the lifespan of my roof?

Owning a home is the largest investment the average American makes and you should be asking, “What is the lifespan of my roof”? The basic function of any roof is to offer protection from the elements for people and their possessions. Roofs can also provide insulation, retaining heat in the winter or cool air in the summer. The lifespan of your roof generally depends on the type of material used to cover it. Here we… Read More »What is the lifespan of my roof?